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Albemarle Ciderworks ~ Albemarle County Virginia

Albemarle Ciderworks ~ Albemarle County Virginia

Vintage Virginia Apples, one of my favorite website sources for apple varieties and information put up an announcement last year publicizing their intent to make cider. Needless to say I was quite excited to read about the prospect. One would be hard pressed (no pun intended) to find a more better selection of vintage and heirloom apples in North America than at Vintage Virginia Apples. I absolutely convinced their knowledge, dedication, passion and artisanship will translate perfectly into a truly delectable craft cider.

Their time has come and the cidery has been named Albemarle CiderWorks. Their website claims they will be opening their tasting room to the public on July 15th. Being on the West Coast it’ll be hard to lay may hands on their cider but I’m betting it will be worth a visit. From their pictures the tasting room and patio looks to be coming together nicely. If you are anyone you know are in the Albemarle County region I highly suggest you make a stop and support their efforts. We need more craft ciders like I’m sure Albemarle CiderWorks will prove to be.

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