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Well late April early May brings us apple blossoms. It is fairly an eventful time of year for me as my birthday falls on April 30. When I was a kid we would often go to the Apple Blossom Festival in Wenatchee Washington where my Mom was born and raised.

Ever since my cider pressing days started the apple blossoms mean a little bit more to me. I’ve also found them usefu for locating abandoned or forgotten trees. We’ll see how that pans out next fall.

So as fate would have it my day job brings me to Minneapolis for the Specialty Coffee Association of America trade show. If any of you want to follow along with the adventure check out my Flickr feed.


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As someone who was once desperately trying to find good cider information the internet seems awash with blogs and content this year.

Just got dropped this pretty cool blog link about easy cider making from my girlfriend Heather… Thanks babe! http://forfood.rezimo.com/?p=409

She also sent this link yesterday about the country’s first all cider pub. Cider Pub, America’s first and maybe only

It is called Ace-in-the-Hole Pub from Ace Cider in California. Now I’ve had Ace Cider before a few times and while it is not my favorite, it is not last on the list by any means. The Cider Pub on the other hand is a very bold and interesting concept. I don’t hate the concept and I most definitely in to the whole spotlight on Cider thing, on the other hand I would hate to alienate my beer drinkin’ brethren by making them go elsewhere. I’ll be interested to see how it all works out for Ace.

I’m headed to Portland today for work. We (Espresso Parts) are headed down this afternoon to do 5 espresso machine PID installs in three places. Two Fresh Pots, and possibly a stop at Stumptown for the last three. Portland is my favorite place town to get coffee in but you can bet I won’t be missing my chance to pick up some of my favorite Oregon Ciders from Ford Farms Cyderworks and Wandering Aengus Ciderworks.

I suspect a review of my Oregon cider acquisitions will be in order.

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Banjo's obsession

Has it really been over three weeks since my last entry? Besides being busy with work, making cider, attending Bluegrass Festivals and entertaining a tennis ball obsessed pooch I don’t have any excuses.

I’ve photographed and taken notes of my cider making process in an attempt to write “step by step” blog entries. It is almost time to rack my “Blog Cider” so I better get on putting up Step 1.

I also have an article in this month’s Barista Magazine co-written with the bossman Terry Z about portafilter baskets called “Basket Case” for all the coffee folks out there. If coffee folk is what you are pick up a copy or better yet subscribe Barista Magazine is really a great publication.

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