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Gravity Beer Market ~ Olympia WA

Gravity Beer Market ~ Olympia WA

It’s been too long and I am way over due on the blog posts.
Cider School was great, everything I expected and more but I learned and experienced so much that I’m finding it difficult to decide exactly what to write about. That post will come soon.

In the meantime if any of you folks out there in and around Olympia are curious about ciders I will be helping Gravity Beer Market will be holding an informal cider tasting at their “Last Friday Tasting” which is this Friday.

Here are the details:
When: Friday, July 25th
Where: Gravity Beer Market
Time: 5-7pm
Cost: $5 per person with proper ID
Ciders: Strongbow (England), Aspall Dry (England), Sam Smith Organic (England), Wandering Aengus Semi Dry Organic (Oregon), Westcott Bay (Washington), Spire Pear (Washington)

Gravity co-owner Roma has chosen a wide variety of different ciders from the Northwest and England. We have a few craft ciders as well as a few production ciders. This would be a opportunity and introduction for folks wanting to learn a little bit about what the cider market has to offer these days.
Come with questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

PS: In the next day or so I’ll posting tasting notes and reviews of a really impressive Cider and Perry from Blossomwood Cidery which is located in Cedaredge, Colorado.


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Well it isn’t the best example of Northwest ciders but the Seattle PI saw fit to spotlight Spire’s “Dark and Dry” cider in a beer blog. Spire’s D&D is Dark but ‘taint Dry by any means. I drink it semi regularly as I work a block and half from the brewery and eat lunch there from time to time. Being not much of a beer guy any more I lean towards their sweet concoction for some lunch time refreshment and attitude adjusting.


Once you finish reading the blog post check out the first comment made… I couldn’t have put it better myself and he nailed all the great NW cider makers so far.

You can lead them to traditional cider but you can’t make em drink it.

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Gravity Beer Market ~ Olympia's own beer store!

As of about three weeks and possibly $150+ (of my money) ago Olympia was gifted with it’s very own specialty beer shop, The Gravity Global Beer Market located at 1001 4th Ave E. Besides copious amounts of premium beers from near and far they also are even offering a quite few ciders I’m happy to say. Here is a Google map link for the locals.

For those who don’t live here (or those who don’t go out) I should explain that we are far from destitute. As small as we are here Olympia has it’s share of notorious bars and world class microbreweries that serve up the best of the best. We have Fishtale and Dick’s Brewing companies which are both renowned all across the Northwest for the quality of their fermentations. But until that fateful afternoon a few weeks ago, going out was the only way to get guaranteed quality and selection.

I don’t recall how many pilgramages I’ve made so far to our new oasis appropriately named The Gravity Room. I do know I’ve dropped $15-30 on each visit and I know these folks are getting a good chunk of my paycheck from now on. The Gravity Room owners, a husband and wife team are really great. Not only are they very sociable, they know their stuff when it comes to the brew and during a recent conversation I found out one of them was former employee of Columbia Distributing, which is one of the bigger beer distributors in our area carrying 80 varieties of beers on a regular basis.

Gravity offers up a great selection of beers as I mentioned earlier with more on the horizon I’ve been told. I’ve expanded my horiszon and had some great beers from the Gravity Room. I’ll share one of the highlights so far.

La Gunitas Brewing CompanyLagunitas Undercover Shutdown Ale.
Among some of the finer beers I’ve picked up is Lagunita’s Undercover Shutdown Ale. Lagunitas for those who haven’t had the pleasure, could be Northern Cali’s premier brewing company at the moment. Now that is my opinion and with out a doubt it is saying a lot. I’m a longtime fan and advocate of the beers brewed by our near neighbors to the South. Anchor Steam, Northern Cali has it’s share of great Mendocino, Anderson Valley, North Coast, Lost Coast. Anyway Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Undercover Shutdown Ale as advertised is a really bitter beer with tons of fruity fermented flavors. I caution you anymore than one of these bad boys and you are likely to need a cab or better yet just enjoy these at home. If you live in Oly and near the Gravity Room, or if you have a great beer store in your town or region I highly recommend you pick up this 9+% especially bitter ale.

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