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So using WordPress enables me to check out my stats and find out how people reached my little corner of the blogoshpere. The title of of this blog was one of the terms used today and I thought it was an excellent topic for an entry. So as a follow up to my bottle rant I am going to keep a running tally right here on which brands do and do not have twist tops. I’ll edit and update this post here with my findings. If you got some suggestion let me know.

I’ll create a list of cider bottles first. Naturally.

Cider bottles that can be re-cap’d and don’t have twist tops.

  • Magners Irish Cider – Brown Glass
  • Blackthorne (11.2 oz bottles) – Clear Glass
  • Strongbow 12oz – Brown and Clear Glass
  • Wandering Aengus – Dark Green US bottle cap size Champagne Bottle
  • Westcott Bay Orchards – Green US bottle cap size Champagne Bottle
  • Foxbarrel – Brown Glass *labels are tough as hell to get off.
  • Spire Cider – brown 12oz labels come of fairly easy too.

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Banjo's obsession

Has it really been over three weeks since my last entry? Besides being busy with work, making cider, attending Bluegrass Festivals and entertaining a tennis ball obsessed pooch I don’t have any excuses.

I’ve photographed and taken notes of my cider making process in an attempt to write “step by step” blog entries. It is almost time to rack my “Blog Cider” so I better get on putting up Step 1.

I also have an article in this month’s Barista Magazine co-written with the bossman Terry Z about portafilter baskets called “Basket Case” for all the coffee folks out there. If coffee folk is what you are pick up a copy or better yet subscribe Barista Magazine is really a great publication.

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Grand Opening…

Besides this one initial “intro” post I’ll just jump in and start on the real posts I promise. I’ve been meaning to get a blog for some time now, but like I really needed another project. This may help me vent about said projects and possibly even document them a bit. We’ll see. I have the topics if I have the time. On that note I also should apologize for the cookie cutter layout. I’ll get to that one day soon as well.

I’m not new to blogging, as some of you reading may already know I help maintain one on over at EspressoParts.com (ExpressoParts.com is our blog) where I work full time as the graphic design, marketing, photography and creative department. I also blog from time to time at OlyCoffee.com where I am a partner as well as performing the graphic design and services.

I have a Flickr account (doesn’t everyone?) which I also keep fairly up to date. What you see on my Flickr feed is pretty much what you’ll find here in general.

Subjects I’ll most likely blog about (in no particular order):

Uh yeah I’ve heard of spell check, you can email me about it if you are that bothered by it.

Beverages… And when I say beverages I mean just about anything you can think to drink, but here are some of my favorites.

Espresso and Coffee
I’ll most likely blog a bit about espresso and work… however I do try to save that for Expressoparts.com, oh and OlyCoffee.com. However I can get away with being a tad more opinionated here. I love coffee and moreover espresso and I love to talk about it. The Specialty Coffee and Espresso Industry is great hands down. I get to work with and around some of the coolest people you’ll ever find, and I get to play with and photograph some cool toys now and again.

Hard Apple Cider
When I make the time for it I like to handcraft hard ciders. I find there is a lot to the top topic and will probably have a number of entries tagged “cider”. Over the last year or 4 I’ve been making small 5 gallon batches experimenting with yeasts and adjuncts to produce dry and semi dry ciders. Mostly dry however and the I will most like tackle the educating the masses about topic of American style “sweet” ciders vs. the well balanced and usually dryish English and French Ciders. I also hope to review a number of the up and coming Northwest craft cideries. Oregon has a number of excellent craft cider makers that I love and Washington (my lifetime home) has a number of them as well.

My new love… Bourbon gets a bad rap for some reason. Not only is it distinctly American, but I personally think the real crafted bourbons can hold their own against any ole Scotch or Irish Whiskey. Hell I’ll say it. I like them better. Bourbon, besides our history with hard cider and music is one of the few things I can truly get patriotic about.

I love it. Great stuff especially when you care enough to buy the very best. Hey isn’t that the case with anything? In Washington we have access to a few classic shelf rums like Appleton Estate and Sailor Jerry. Besides that trips abroad and thru duty free feed this passion.

Ahhh beer. I live in a great time and a great region for craft beer. Cascadia has a lot to offer the beer lover and I can appreciate that. Thanks to cider my relationship with beer has been on the decline over the past handful of years. However I’ve been known to indulge in a good beer now and again, and I toy with the idea of brewing it again.

Beverage Related Topics.
ie Magazines, TV, Blogs, Websites, Forums, you name it.

This one is another multifaceted topic for me.

Bluegrass, Oldtime, Folk & Americana Music. My most recent obsession and I could be in it for the long haul. I love listening to it, watching it, reading about it and pickin’ it.

Mandolin. I’ve taking lessons and been trying to learn the mandolin for a couple years now. Instuments are tough and with a busy schedule they are next to impossible. But it’s worth the time and effort or a will be I should say.

Reggae Reggae Reggae. Reggae and I have have spent some years together. I’m a big fan of the old classics and I don’t mean Bob Marley. Maybe some Wailers, never Bob Marley and the Wailers, and always classic Studio One and Coxsone Dodd and Jackie Mittoo hits.

Olympia, Puget Sound and Washington.
I’m Puget Sound Washingtonian Born and Bred. My Mom is from Wenatchee, My Dad Montesano and I am a third generation Washingtonian who grew up in Ballard skateboarding on mean streets of Seattle during a great time. I still love Seattle, it’s a great place to visit… You know the rest.

I live in Olympia now officially, un-incorporated Tumwater more realistically. Olympia is a pretty great place most of the time. Its got a great small town vibe and often grazes the boundaries of being hip, diverse, interesting and a somewhat creative town. Nice!

There isn’t much these days that feels as good and creatively inspires me like cooking. Like drawing its always been something I enjoyed doing. I often wonder if a culinary career might have been a little more rewarding. Work is work I suppose.

Oldtime Banjo (Banjo) My Dog.
I am embarrassed to confess that I may from time to time have a thing or two to say about my little dog Banjo. I’ve been waiting years for the time to be right to get a dog. Last December I did something I never considered and adopted a 5 week old mix breed or what I like to as a “hybrid” puppy. He is part bulldog , boston terrier, shitzu, or something. Post your best guesses pleas. He is small, long, low and kind of bullish. He is a great find and the best dog I could ever ask for. Awwww.

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